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Grandmaster Hee Il Cho

Grandmaster Hee Il Cho is the leading  practitioner of Tae Kwon Do in the World. He is the Founder and President of our association, the AIMAA, and although he is now seventy years of age he still teaches and trains daily at the AIMAA World Headquarters in Hawaii, USA.

Grandmaster Cho began his journey within the martial arts when he was ten years of age. Whilst visiting a local fair in Korea he was attacked by five youths who beat him, causing him much physical pain and humiliation. When he had recovered he decided to enrol in a local Tang Soo Do class* to learn to protect himself.


Grandmaster Cho trained dilegently, up to six days per week, and became a black belt after three years. By the time he was twenty one he was a fourth degree black belt and was preparing to enter the Korean Military.

During his time in the Korean Army, Grandmaster Cho taught his fellow serviceman the art of Tae Kwon Do and continued his studies under General Choi Hong Hi.


It was through General Choi's Association at the time that Grandmaster Cho was able to travel to and teach in India, Germany and eventually the USA.

During his early years in the USA Grandmaster Cho spent time in many different cities and states including Indiana, Wisconsin and New York, however, it was not until he finally settled in Providence, Rhode Island that he opened his first success full time school.

In 1976 Grandmaster Cho relocated his school to California where he bought premises from fellow martial arts legend Chuck Norris! Four years later in 1980 Grandmaster Cho founded the Action International Martial Arts Association.


No other martial artist in History has been invited to speak and/ or teach more than Grandmaster Cho. Since 1980 when he founded the AIMAA, Grandmaster Cho has travelled throughout the World teaching seminars and chairing many International Testings where he has promoted probably more black belts than any other Tae Kwon Do Grandmaster.


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