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At Belgacem's School of Cho's Tae Kwon Do we offers classes to suit everyone. We pride ourselves on the fantastic atmosphere within our classes and we are always complimented on how friendly and helpful all of our Instructors and students are.


We believe in a strict no-ego atmosphere and we welcome everyone to come along and try Tae Kwon Do for themselves.


Below you can read about all of the different classes we offer at our school.

CHILDREN'S TAE KWON DO classes at our school are focussed on not only making our children stronger, fitter and healthier but also more confident, more polite and more respectful.


We enrol children from five years of age and from their very first class we maintain a balance of fun and discipline - something we find to be the perfect blend required for children to flourish.


Our classes are filled purely with Tae Kwon Do related drills and exercises which include punches, kicks, blocks and strikes. We also include padwork and sparring too. What we always stress, however, is the proper place to use these skills.


Tae Kwon Do makes shy children more confident and loud, aggressive children more controlled.


Contact us now for more information.

ADULT'S TAE KWON DO classes taught at Belgacem's School of Cho's Tae Kwon Do incorporate both modern and traditional training methods to provide a fantastic workout as well as proven and effective self defence skills and techniques.


Our classes incorporate punching and kicking, traditional forms/ patterns, self defence techniques, pad work, sparring, stamina and strength training as well as flexibility work to ensure the complete training syllabus for our adult students.


All of our existing students are extremely friendly and no matter their own level of experience they will help you fit straight in and make you feel very welcome. Contact us now to join the action!

AIMAA PANTHERS TAE KWON DO classes are for children aged 3-5yrs and are a wonderful introducation to the world of martial arts!


Taught by our dedicated Panthers Instructors these classes are filled with Tae Kwon Do related drills and games as well as an introductory syllabus which teaches the children the basic blocks, kicks and punches of Tae Kwon Do. 


We also introduce our Panthers to the concepts of discipline, courtesy and respect whilst always maintaining a fun, friendly and caring enviroment for them to thrive.


If you would like more information then please contact us.

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